Thursday, February 28, 2013

Red Dawn Part two the Mt Rushmore Idea

I have to say I am kind of intrigued with this spin on Gun rights as being we need a Citizen Army to protect us from the Government . Here is my take on it . First of all it does seem a wee bit paranoid . But putting that aside lets take a look at how it might function . First of all I must assume there would be a clear and decisive reason why such a Army would be needed . I'm sure there might be any number of reasons the entire citizen population of the USA would decide to uniformly take up arms against the Government . For the sake of working this all out lets say that once again the Government decided to go dry and beer was off the Shelves . This in my opinion would certainly constitute a national emergency of epic proportions:
So now we have our emergency , what happens next ? I suppose there must be some sort of Comand Center . Some place where the Citizen Army can use to get the Neccesary intelligence and subsequent orders  to fight back .
 I would propose Mt Rushmore to be honest . Its accessible and yet remote , in case of a counter attack by the Government forces the Civilian army could hole up under Jefferson's nose or hold it hostage .  No matter clearly there would be some need of command and control ..not only a well organized campaign , but one that can easily communicate with each other quickly ( facebook comes to mind ) .
So assuming that the proponents of a civilian deterrent to Government abuse , have such a infrastructure in place what next ? What Targets would this Ad Hoc Group of Civilians want to assault ? would the attacks be coordinated and have a singular objective ? Or would they be indiscriminate ? Who would be the leaders of this group ? what sort of discipline would they require from the group . Would they have to pay at Krogers for supplies ? Or would they " borrow" what they needed ? Some Creative militia groups in the USA have actually turned to bank robbery and Armored Car Heists . Anyway a Civilian army would have to find some way to pay for its costs  .
As I said I don't think this has been very well thought out . The reality is we would have spontaneous groups running around in different Geographical areas each claiming they were patriots angry with some slight or procedure or law they decided did not suit their needs . In short Anarchy ....The Red Dawn Myth . each group of malcontented men and women would have their own individual targets which may or not be similar to the Individual rights of the Militia Next Door .
I can imagine a Scenario of the Northern Idaho Militia filled with disgruntled Steelhead Fishermen , attacking the Western Columbia Militia largely based on the Commercial fisherman of the Oregon Coast . Some Militias would be attacking black targets , some Muslim targets . There would probably be a group who targeted The post office and even a misguided group who confused UPS with a Government group and waged war against UPS . And imagining travelling Cross country ...every Militia Jurisdiction would have a stop point , armed guards interrogating you . One thing is certain if you are driving across Country in this kind of environment a Ford .
 Without a Command and control and discipline combatants it would be no better than Gang violence . And who would be the ones who suffer the most in this ? Innocent men , women and children .
"Militia are hopelessly inadequate as a means of defending a free country. While "people's war" militia-based strategies have been employed to wear down invading armies in numerous countries over the past century, not one of those countries (Vietnam, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, southern Lebanon, etc) is "free". This is not an accident of history. Freedom is the product of orderly democratic governance and the rule of law. Popular militias are overwhelming likely to foster not democracy or the rule of law, but warlordism, tribalism and civil war. In Lebanon, Pakistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mali, Colombia, the Palestinian Territories and elsewhere, we see that militias of armed private citizens rip apart weak democratic states in order to prey upon local populations in authoritarian sub-states or fiefdoms. Free states are defended by standing armies, not militias, because free states enjoy the consent of the governed, which allows them to maintain effective standing armies. Like every other free country apart from Costa Rica, the United States has a standing army in times of peace, and has since 1791, when the founding fathers realised a standing army would be necessary to fight the irregular popular militias of the continent's Native American peoples. (Guess who won?) "
Lets be quite honest about this ..we have the best Military in the world not only because they have the best in weaponry , but because of Discipline and training . So what happens in the Civilian Army when the Civilians decide they are not being represented in the Command Structure ?
Seriously using this " we need Civilians " to protect us from the Government falls into the really silly category , how about having citizens simply exercise their right to vote for the candidate of their choice ? How about having Citizens who study the facts instead of make them up .
And one more thing . I am a Christian and I believe there is a Bibical approach to this that is being ignored. Im not sure how we can Use the Bible to support our anti Abortion sentiments and then use the Constitution to support our so called Gun rights . but that's just me . Oh yes , I do find it very disturbing that the Right side of the Aisle has now started using the Genocide of the Native American Indians as a Argument for Gun Rights .... Ironic and Shameful .

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